Before reading this post you must understand – I am a hybrid yogi.  Yes I love to get my downward dog on, but I also like to get my booze hound on over the weekends.  And while I exist happily both on my yoga mat and in bars there are certain things that should never be put together.  Alcohol and yoga are two of those things.

Last night following an inversion & arm balancing workshop that lasted until 10pm my roommate and I decided we needed to have a night out on the town.  So after applying all our various beautifying products and downing a couple shots of whiskey we made our way to  one of our favorite spots and set up shop.  It was a pretty packed Friday night and we were enjoying the music and the crowd when a gentleman approached us (as drunk gentleman do in bars).

Said gentleman immediately started busting his most impressive hip hop moves for us.  Now please, understand that I have been off the market for quite a while so I get a little confused when someone is clearly trying to dance with me.  I took this as a challenge… and as I don’t know how to dance I responded in the only way I saw fit at the time.  I knelt down and made an attempt at one of my favorite arm balances.

Now, I can fly up into side crow no problem in the sober light of any studio – but like I said, there are some things that shouldn’t be mixed… side crow and whiskey, for example.  What I envisioned in my head to be the ultimate burn to the dancing gentleman resulted in me ending up, well… end up in the middle of a bar.  More upsetting than the position of my ass-ana was the fact that I face planted onto the floor of a bar.  SICK.

So, you may be wondering what I’m taking away from this situation besides possibly tetanus or some other unmentionable germ. What I am choosing to take away from this is the following: you shouldn’t use your yoga practice to one up anyone, but most especially not someone in a bar.  Consider this my ego-check and yours if you choose to take it that way.  Don’t use yoga for evil – and especially don’t use it in bars for anything.