Let me preface this post by saying: Handstands are hard as sh*t.

And from there let me dive right in – how much explanation could this post possibly require?

1) You try and try and try to get into handstand.  You work on it from all angles: you try to get a friend’s advice, you have a friend set you up into handstand, you read books and articles about handstand, you try to figure it out online, you put your blood sweat and tears into simply flirting with a handstand.  Right when you think you’re really putting all your effort into getting that handstand you fall on your f-ing face.  It isn’t until you’ve done all that B.S. that you finally find yourself in a handstand.

2) Your first handstand tends to be a short-lived experience. Sometimes you get into it and surprise yourself so much that you immediately get scared and fuck it up.  Don’t worry – there will be more handstands.  And if you’re the lucky person who just launches up and hangs there forever – well hey, you’re a luckier yogi than most of us (and certainly me).

3) You will never forget your first handstand. Whether it was wobbly and terrifying and you ended up falling down and getting seriously injured; or it was the perfect balance of a challenging and fun experience, you will forever hold a special place in your heart for that first ever handstand.

4) Keeping your handstand together may seem effortless to an observer. To someone watching you it looks perfectly effortless – like you’re simply standing there on your hands with no trouble at all; but from your point of view there’s a lot of effort going into it.  You’re holding it together with a strength you never thought you’d have to have.  You are staying in your handstand because holy sh*t dude,it is awesome, but also impossibly difficult.  And while you’re upside down and freaking out you are positive that no one else has ever had to work this hard at handstand.  You’re certain something is emotionally or physically wrong with you making it 10x harder for you than any other human… but guess what, friend, handstand is hard for everyone.

5) Sometimes you choose to get out of handstand. And that’s ok… not all handstands are meant to last forever.  Sometimes you know when you need to do something else, so you take it nice and slow to get out of it and remember that handstand fondly.

6) Sometimes getting out of handstand blows. Like really seriously sucks. Maybe you weren’t ready to get out of your handstand, but suddenly everything just fell totally apart.  Maybe your handstand ended because of something else that was going on – you needed to leave for work. Maybe the rug got ripped out from under you and you fell out of handstand, crushed your rib cage and punctured your heart… Sometimes handstands are messy operations. But…

7) You know when you’re in the perfect handstand.  There’s something about it that is both challenging and rewarding, serious and fun, thrilling and comfortable.  You still have to work your ass-ana off to stand there with the world upside down, but something about it feels so right that you can’t imagine ever putting your feet back on the ground.

A little advice: Never let the fear of getting into handstand scare you away. Everyone has fallen out of handstand and I’ve never heard of anyone dying because of it.  You try and fail, try and fail, try and fail – welcome to life as a human person.  Sometimes you look like an ass hole, sometimes you look like a graceful swan, sometimes you expect someone to spot you and they move away at the last-minute… But in the end you’ll never know how bomb ass awesome handstand is until you take a jump and try to kick up.

And that’s what I’ve got to say about relationships.

Heather C