Dear Congress,

Sounds to me like you guys could use a couple of things: 1) yoga, 2) a lecture from a kindergarten teacher, 3) a serious pay cut and 4) a healthy dose of perspective. Allow me to break it down.

congress needs yogaOn the issue of Yoga: Perhaps if you incorporated a healthy 10-minutes of meditation into your schedule you could all settle down before you make huge decisions that affect myself and the other 313.9 million people in this country. Maybe working an hour-long yoga practice into your weekly routine would also give you the ability to pull your heads out of your own keasters so you could see clearly that you were elected into this office by the people of this country to make decisions… not bitch like school girls. Bringing me to my next point…

On the issue of kindergarten: In kindergarten I learned that the best way to resolve a problem was through clear communication. We actually had peer mediators who coached us through disagreements and helped us come to a clear, rational solutions on the playground so chaos didn’t ensue… I just wish as adults me and my countrymen had someone similar to that… You know a group of our peers that we elect to lead us and help us resolve important issues… any idea where we could find some folks like that?

On the issue of a pay cut: I feel very confident that if, at my job, I decided the best way to deal with a conflict was to totally shut down and stop speaking to the person with whom I disagreed I would either be demoted or asked to leave altogether. My question is this: why is that not true of my elected officials? So you’ve shut the government down… I work in retail – a job I take quite seriously and find to be important in its own ways, but somehow less influential than say the position of a national leader – and if I decided one day to just not open the store I would receive a pay cut at the least.

And lastly, on the issue of perspective: Here’s the thing, you were elected to do a job. You were elected by the people of the United States Of America to do a job well, at that. You are the leaders of an enormously influential country. You have power the likes of which most people will never fully understand. Many of you have gone to Ivy’s and all of you have received educations that people in your own country could not imagine affording or receiving. Generally speaking you come from well-to-do family’s that probably didn’t have to undergo near financial suffocation due to student loans or medical bills or foreclosures. You are our leaders. At no point when we, the people of America elected you, our Congressmen, did we invite you to have a tantrum on our dime. We’re sick of the finger-pointing. We’re sick of the he said/she said. We’re tired of excuses and the blame game. You are adults. You are leaders. You are accountable for this country. Most of all: You were elected to do a job – so stop fucking around and do it. 

Yours in true dismay and disgust,
Heather C