Dear Yogis,
After seeing post after post about lawsuits, boycotts, petitions and pant size I have to ask you, as a community, one question: Where is the love?
Are we not yogis? Are we not all working towards the same common goal? Have we really lost sight of what Namaste means to the point where camera angles, thigh rub and teacher’s sex lives are more important than ahimsa, and asteya? Is gossip really that much more intriguing than the yoking of the mind, body and spirit (yoga)?
Have our top teachers really resorted to gossip mongering and shit talking? Don’t we trust them to teach us about unconditional love, oneness, and non-judgement? So why are we instead watching them turn to press outlets to badmouth each other, businesses and brands?
I don’t ever remember my favorite instructor spending time in the yoga room or out of it telling me what pants I should or should not wear. Or berating another studio for a legal ploy or policy. Or discussing the personal drama of other teachers…
Can’t we celebrate that YogaGlo is bringing yoga to more people through their online classes rather than bitch about how they’ve patented their approach? Can’t we talk about lululemon’s complimentary classes or relationship building instead of what their founder said one time on tv? Can’t we celebrate the many brilliant and accomplished Bikram Yoga teachers out there rather than talk about the sex and even rape accusations directed at Bikram himself?
What is it they say about small minds talking about people, average minds talking about events and great minds talking about ideas…
Anyway, here’s my challenge to you – step away from the gossip and back onto your mat. Focus on your own practice, your breath work, your asana and meditation and forget about the gossip that seems to be circling like garbage in space around this ancient practice. Because that’s what yoga is – it’s a practice not an industry. And the longer we spend talking about it like it’s something political, like it’s something to make a point about, or be right about, or be better at, the more we lose sight of what it actually teaches us. And I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to lose my practice over your qualms about pants, patents and penises.
Sorry Charlie, but that’s just the view from my mat.
Heather C