roseberryA while back I wrote about a coworker of mine who just blows my mind – Sarah Lemanski. Today I would like to pay homage to a couple more goal crushers who have really impacted me with their know-how, drive and down right f-ing passion.
When I first met Sarah Roseberry I was almost confused by her compassion and sensitivity. Coming from a family of sarcastic jokesters myself it was alarming to me that someone could be that in tune with what was going on with their “softer side.” However, once I got to know her better this became one of my favorite things about her. I also learned that while she can be sweet as sugar her southern roots can elicit a spunk and sass I didn’t originally perceive. She is the kind of person who will tell you like it is, but in the sweetest way imaginable.
This sassy, sweet and straight forward personality explains in a hot second why she’s chosen the path she has. My good buddy, who I adoringly refer to as Roseberry, is a kick ass life coach. And  there’s no career more perfect for someone with southern charm that is paired with direct and to the point honesty.
Recently Roseberry shared a goal with me: she wants to send herself to Hawaii to meet up with a huge group of her friends who are touring out there with the Lion King show. When I found this out I asked her how we could get her there – and all she needs to do is book one 6-month client. Being that I benefit from her skills for free daily, I thought it only appropriate to pay it forward by letting the world (or at least my readership) know about her.
Want to meet Roseberry and have her change your life? Check her out on Facebook here: lavenderandroseberry.
PoopsieandmarigoldThe other person I can’t help but mention is my good friend Katie Lenhart – a lovely human who I call LKL… for Little Katie Lenhart. This tiny, fiery, red-head is a woman with big aspirations and a clear point of view… which she shares beautifully through the lense of her camera.
Katie recently began chasing her dream of  becoming a photographer. As a yogi her focus is on movement and fellow yogis and athletes, but she finds beauty in anything. Literally anything. Most recently two lego figures she found when she was on a trip home to Vermont. Poopsie and Marigold have daily adventures that Katie documents and posts to Instagram and Facebook. In the next year she will be binding these playfully beautiful images in a book to have published. Check out Poopsie and Marigold here.
While I work with a lot of people these two were the ones I couldn’t help but write about today. They are doing something that takes a lot of bravery – fearlessly chasing their dreams and doing it with a smile on their beautiful faces.
2014 is sure to bring these gals some great fortune – how about you?
Stay fearless!
Heather C