I found myself in a yoga studio long before I found my way onto my mat. I began working for a yoga studio in Miami right out of college as a means of supporting myself while I pursued my dreams of becoming a published writer. It wasn’t long before my curiosity (and a little pressure from my boss) lead me into my first Power Yoga class. After several months of solid practice yoga became the foundation of my daily routine and just one year later I had completed my 200-Hour Teacher Training with Paul Toliuszis.

After spending another six-months intensifying my own practice, I built up the confidence to step in front of students and I now lead classes with the enthusiasm and skill set of a seasoned yogi. My approach to teaching yoga is basically my approach to life: don’t take anything too seriously and work with what you’ve got. I encourage my students to stretch themselves safely in their practice and laugh when they look less graceful than they expect to. I love guiding my students through thoughtful and original sequences while they enjoy my eclectic upbeat playlists.