Making my playlist for each class is may be my favorite thing to do, which is why I always post about it – but check here monthly to see what my top played songs have been for the month.  Sometimes the results even surprise me!

1) Great DJ by The Ting Tings | Such a great pump up song for either Sun A or preping to go out.
2) My Body by Young The Giant |The greatest song to run to ever.
3)Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles | Another classic; should thank Dad for introducing these guys to me basically at birth.
4) Miles From Nowhere by Cat Stevens | Totally relaxing and awesome.
5) Bruises by Chairlift | Serious awesome sauce for a yoga class.  Just listen to the lyrics, duh.
6) The Hardest Part by Coldplay | Chill and wonderful.
7) Helena Beat by Foster the People. | One of my favorites, less well known than their single and still sick ass awesomeness.
8) Fire In Your New Shoes by Kaskade | Officially the only some of theirs that I actually like…
9) Consolation Prizes by Phoenix | This one really gets me amped up.
10) Shake It by Metro Station | Sick beat; simple lyrics; simply great.

My wild card pick of the month has to be Lately  by The Helio Sequence. It’s a little depressing, but super pretty and really chill!

And that’s what we’ve got for July – hope you’re enjoying the hot hot heat of summer!