Call it my version of a virtual-yogi-book-club… or something. Find out what I’m reading and what I thought of it.  Also get clues as to what I’ll pluck off my bookshelf next! Note to readers: it’s not just for yogis.

What I Know Now About Success: Letters From Extraordinary Women To Their Former Selves
by Ellyn Spragins (Editor & Author)
Synopsis: Letters from the likes of Barbara Walters, Kate Spade & Diane von Furstenberg and several of their successful peers written by their current selves to their former selves during trying times.  Each chapter is summarized with the most valuable quote of the correspondence with a brief description of the circumstances that prompted the letter to be written for that certain point in their lives.
Review:  Full of great insights and pieces of valuable advice from some of the most successful women of our time.  They speak about anything from balancing relationships, family and work to covering how to be a strong woman in “a man’s world” (if I believe in such a thing post 1988… though some of them were on the rise during that decade).  Seriously valuable for any woman working through personal or professional problems, or just looking for a way to realize despite flaws we can all rise to a place of power in our own f-ing time.
Fast read. I give it 😀 😀 😀 and 1/2 🙂 out of 5 smiling yellow balls.

The Tipping Point.
by Malcolm Gladwell
Synopsis: Basically a look into what makes trends, products, ideas, ideas & crime “tip.” Essentially investigation how things become infectious by taking a look at who starts them, spreads them and then becomes one of the masses.  It’s looked at from a marketing standpoint, anyone who’s been involved with a start up will probably benefit from reading it.
Review: Overall I walked away liking it, would I scream about it from my 11th floor balcony? Not necessarily.  Probably because I’m more into yoga than marketing or understanding details of what makes certain things more successful than others. But keeping that in mind I appreciated it.  There were a lot of interesting tid-bits to take away into your every day life.  Gladwell gets his point across in a conversational way that is pretty easy to read and not completely dry.  I think that my fellow yoga instructors could get a few ideas from this (like how to make your class tip!)
I give it 😀 😀 😀 out of 5.

The Focal Point
By Brian Tracy
Synopsis: This slightly self-helpy book is more than you’d expect.  While I’m pretty sure it sits on the shelf of many a sad cat lady’s bookshelf, I doubt she’s taken the advice Brian offers if she’s still not conquering her dreams!  Brian takes you through his concept of The Focal Point and basically explains to you how to put an “X” on the parts of your life you need to improve and then advises you on how to execute improvement.
Review: Better than expected.  I’m not much into super self-helpy literature, but this one rocked my world.  Maybe it was that I was reading this one during a tricky time in my life when I was trying to make some seriously big decisions, but Brian Tracy really helped a girl out.  I loved the chapter on personal finance where he breaks it down into simple terms and points out that anyone can be a millionaire – then he does the math! I also love how he repeats over and over again throughout the book (and I’m paraphrasing here) “find what you’re best in the world at and go with it.”  Apparently that’s how you become successful.  How simple and brilliant.  Basically whether I just found this one at the right moment or it’s just amazing and wonderful all on its own, it’s a must read.
I give it 😀 😀 😀 😀 out of 5 :D.

Next Up: Atlas Shrugged. This is a big one, so stay tuned.  Hopefully I’m half way through by mid-July, but we’ll see!