Beginner’s Yoga (level 1): In a beginners class you can expect to work up a sweat while learning the basic poses of a Vinyasa Flow based class.  Typically I’ll give you a longer warm up in a beginners class with a brief description of pranyama and posture to start. Then I’ll have you move through a series of postures that will get your heartbeat going while still respecting the newbies in the room.  In beginners classes I call out many variations so both beginners and intermediate yogis feel challenged and safe.

Power Yoga (levels 1-3+): Power Yoga is a fast paced Vinyasa Flow based practice that takes you through a fluid series of poses moving quickly and thoughtfully from one to the next.  I like to take you up, down, back and forth – be prepared to stand on your head, stand on your hands and work it into forearm balance after warming up with Sun A & Sun B. No two classes are ever alike, one day the focus could be on deep twists the next could be on back bends. All you need to know is that you will sweat! I like to open this class up to new yogis as well because it is taught in such a way that every pose is optional and many variations are offered.  I started in a power yoga class and I believe anyone else can too – just respect your limitations & know when to push yourself!

Yoga For CrossFitters (1-2): For CrossFitters I like to split the difference between my Beginner’s Class and Power Yoga Class. While you WODing hard bodies are sure to have no problems in the strength or endurance department I know you need me to work your hamstrings, shoulders, hips, back and quads.  Here you’ll find a flow based class with longer holds and a great emphasis on loosening up tight muscles.